Data Accumulation Service

We use the DAS to collect data from your site on behalf of our clients. If you find our DAS as a user agent in your website logs or statistics this is because you are using one of our clients services that require our DAS to accumulate data from your website in agreement with our clients Terms and Conditions.

The User Agent string you would see within your sites logs will be:

DAS/2.x ([PJWD.Net Client Name - Site Name] - PJWD.Net, please see

Our DAS does not adhere to the Robots Exclusion Standard. The standard is designed to prevent uninvited access attempts, content indexing and unwanted traffic. It is also intended to control unattended, recursive robots, or "spiders", that can consume vast amounts of traffic and server resources if not controlled. DAS only access URL's that are manually set to retrieve data from which are controlled by our clients. It does not recursively follow links found on your website pages that do not relate to the data the DAS requires.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding our DAS please refer to our client directly which can be found from within your sites logs or statistics.