Guernsey web design and hosting services designed specifically for you

website design
This is what we do! We have 20+ years experience and our in-house web design team is renowned for designing highly attractive websites that are easy to navigate, easy on the eye and easy to use. Outstanding functionality is ensured as all of our websites are built using the latest technologies.
We have our own e-commerce website solution that will be tailored and customised to suit your exact needs using the highest standard of e-commerce development and design to create user friendly and crucially barrier free websites.
E-business programmes and projects are notoriously problematic, challenging even the best project managers, so we have built on that experience by putting together a range of helpful services; taking your strategy back to basics, project recovery, project management framework and design implementation.
engine optimisation
Everyone talks about SEO as the new Holy Grail so getting to the top of the search engine rankings is of vital importance and we do this for FREE with every website we develop! This is a key point for many businesses.
and support
For any client who may require help to ensure that their online web investment is protected and that their website evolves to meet existing and future customer demands.
management system
Our CMS systems will always be up to the task. Whether you operate a simple single page website or a very complex site incorporating a number of business features such as e-commerce, blog, news, events, etc.
with PJWD.Net
PJWD.Net provides a professional website hosting solution. Catering for any size of business from the small to the very large. We have a wide range of packages guaranteed to suit your needs.
design and development
We design and develop your responsive website to fit your user's preference. So no matter what device they are using they will always have a fantastic viewing experience.
eb app
and development
Your website is now the critical extension of your brand. It is therefore vital that it can make the most of the new business opportunities offered by the web. PJWD.Net keeps itself in the vanguard of new web technologies so that we can build ever more dynamic websites.
Keep It Simple :: PJWD.Net - Websites that Work for You
From the beginning, we make it simple!
We establish your web objectives and how they fit in with your overall communications and/or business activities. We design the website from an operational and aesthetic perspective to ensure that your organisation's brand and personality is reflected throughout your "client's journey".

Unlike many website design companies everything we do is kept in-house, nothing is outsourced and we provide every facet of online technology and communications from one single source. Whether you need a new website or an existing one moved or revamped, we can assist you all the way.

iPad :: PJWD.Net - Websites that Work for You
  • Easy To Edit
    Your website has a built-in content management system. Easily edit text and update images yourself, at no cost, as often as you like.
  • Search Engine Ready
    Every site is search-engine-ready as standard. Moving up search engine rankings needs consistency, skill and effort. Talk to us about the options.
  • Built To Scale
    We build on strong foundations. Our modular approach means we can scale your site and add functionality when you're ready. You don't need to do everything at the start, so as your business grows, your site can grow with you.